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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

School Council


The school council have been very busy tin the first term, we had a reelection and wen now have all new councillors, the members all have badges and are easily noticed in school. The children in the junior classes know who their representatives are and have started approaching them with issues.
We have created a school council board so all children can identify the members and each member has done a piece of writing about the skills they bring to the school council. On the board we also have our action plan.
during the first term the children created a questionnaire, disseminated them and collated the results. From this they decided we needed to raise money to be able to improve the KS2 yard.
The children are currently planning a talent show to host in school to raise money.

Last School Year

Last year the councillors worked hard with the aim of improving the school for the children in the fore front of their mind. Through training and regular meetings the children developed their ideas and began looking for areas for development. The children decided that the play ground equipment was an area which could be improved. Through writing to a local business the council managed to get a £50 cake donated to school, they then sold raffle tickets and raised over £100 to buy new equipment.

The junior children were all asked to fill a questionnaire in regarding their opinions on school, the school council were given the job to read all the questionnaires and organise all the responses in a report.

The council also had an important job of interviewing our deputy head teacher applicants, the children thought of their own questions and were taken off site to interview the candidates.

The councillors worked extremely hard and I would just like to say a big thank you for the hard work and dedication throughout the year.


At Holy Trinity we are hoping to raise the profile of the school council further, through personalised equipment, trips, assemblies and attending staff meetings. Below is the action plan for how to council will be set up, the children's first assignment will be to improve the playground equipment continuing on from last year.