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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School


Year 4 Leven and Irwell

Children holding hands.

Class Teacher Leven - Mrs Haywood-Kelly
Support- Mr Forrester and Mrs Holden

Class Teacher Irwell - Mrs Prescott
Support - Mrs Lucas and Mrs Townsend





In this half term we will be reading and studying- Jack and the Flumflum Tree by Julia Donaldson and Bill's New Frock by Anne Fine.

Jack and the Flumflum Tree
Bill's New Frock

We will use these texts to:
- Analyse and compare a range of plot structures.
- Make predictions based on information stated and implied.
- Demonstrate active reading strategies e.g. generating questions, finding answers, refining thinking.
- Draw inferences around characters’ thoughts, feelings, actions and motives, and justify with evidence from the text using point and evidence.
- Identify main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph and summarising these.
- Make and respond to contributions in a variety of situations e.g. whole class, groups, independent.



We will continue to have weekly sessions on: times tables, basic skills, reasoning and investigative work.


This term our theme is Water Water!


Swimming and PE

Children ready to play sports.

Swimming has now ended for the majority of Year 4 children.
Irwell will now do a session of PE on Tuesday and PE continues to be on Wednesdays or Thursdays each week. Please can you ensure your child brings the correct PE kit each week.

Items From Home

Many of our class enjoy bringing in pictures or books that relate to our topics at school and it is lovely to see children show these to the class so enthusiastically. If your child would like to bring things to school for 'show and tell' please ensure your child knows that these items are their responsibility and that they must look after them.



The more that you read, the more things you will know... Dr Seuss.

Please read at home with your child at least 3 times a week, even if it just for 5-10 minutes at night. Reading really helps develop you child's vocabulary, comprehension and decoding skills that are vital to being a good reader and writer.


Children are tested on all areas of maths weekly through the basic skills test. If your child gets a green that is brilliant and they will be able to move up if this high score continues. If they get a red or amber, a bit more hard work is needed and they may be asked to take a copy of the test home as homework to help them improve their score.

Additionally children are also given Maths work which may require some more practise at home, it is very important your child attempts this and brings it back to school when it is due. This allows us to assess their understanding further and provide extra help or resources if needed.

Please have a look at this website if you would like to try some times tables games at home!


My spelling is wobbly quote.

All children in Year 4 attend daily spelling sessions. They take home spellings to learn each week, ready for a test each Monday. New spellings are given out each Tuesday.

Please learn these at home; just 5 minutes of practice can make all the difference!