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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

Year 6 Hodder 2016-2017

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Year 6 Hodder 2016 - 2017

Welcome to Hodder Class- Year 6!

Class Teacher - Mrs. Atkinson
Support - Mrs. Bent, Mrs. Williams

Our Class Routines

Reading Books

Please read regularly at home. Children are advised to read to a responsible adult and discuss the text read. Parents and carers could help by asking them questions to check for understanding. Children could also read other literature such as children's newspapers (First News), magazines, etc. It is free to join the Darwen Library which has a huge range of books.
Reading books and records should be brought to school and taken home daily.


P.E. is every Thursday with Coach Elliot; we also have an additional outdoor PE slot which is changeable depending on the weather; for this reason it is vital that your child has their PE Kit in school daily. Please bring in your complete kit- white t-shirts, black shorts and black pumps. You are advised to leave your P.E. kits in school in a pump bag and only take them home to be washed during the half term break.
P.E. Kit is non-negotiable - P.E. is an essential part of our curriculum and we expect everyone to take part. If there is a medical issue, children will be required to bring in a signed note from their parents explaining why they cannot join in our P.E. session. Thank you for your cooperation.


Homework is very important as it helps your child to consolidate their learning from the classroom and gives them more opportunities to practise the skills they have learnt. This also helps with the transition to high school; there your child will receive a vast amount of homework each day so preparing now will make this change easier for them.
Please discuss your child's homework with them and find out about their learning.

If your child is struggling to complete homework due to not having a computer at home, Darwen library has facilities which your children could utilise. Also your child has permission to request time to use the school computers during break and lunchtime.

Homework will usually be set on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Wednesday.

Spellings are given every Thursday to be tested the following Thursday.

Reading is encouraged daily.

Your help with reading as parents and carers is vital. At the end of year 6 children will be tested in the SATs on how well they understand texts they have read. To help them prepare for this you can ask them questions about the book they are reading and discuss their thoughts and feelings in response to what they have read. Question prompts below will help you with this:

Speed times tables are tested every Monday.