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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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The curriculum at Holy Trinity is vitally important, it is the diet we feed our children's minds on a daily basis. With the New National Curriculum being implemented recently we used the opportunity to review our curriculum and make improvements so it could be even better. We used a collaborative enquiry approach that enabled us to look at what we currently do well, what we could improve upon and what we need to look at to fulfil the new National Curriculum Requirements.

We looked at what skills, attitudes and dispositions we wanted our children to leave our care in Year 6 and decided upon teaching the foundation subjects and strands of writing through problem based learning. By adopting this approach to learning we hope to see children more engaged in their learning vital skills such as resilience, teamwork and gumption whilst developing a growth mindset.

In order to teach the important skill of reading we follow the Letters and Sounds approach to teaching systematic phonics. When combined with the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme children make rapid progress in their reading.

The teaching of Reading

Holy Trinity has a clear, consistent whole school approach to reading. Competence in reading is the key to lifelong learning and is given the highest priority, enabling the children to become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers. We believe that success in reading has a direct effect upon progress in all other areas of the curriculum and is crucial in developing children's self-confidence and motivation.
Throughout the school day and across the curriculum we aim to develop a love of reading in all our children. Specific activities aimed at this include:

A wide range of books for children to choose from, available in class reading corners, on corridors and in our library.
Well resourced guided reading packs across all the book bands.
Visits to our local library.
Book club
Involvement in the annual ' Fantastic Books Awards' run by Lancashire library service.
Opportunities for children to share their love of reading with others through our 'Reading Rangers' and 'Reading Ambassador' programme.

At Holy Trinity we teach reading through a blend of focussed synthetic phonics sessions, guided reading, individual reading, shared reading across the curriculum and opportunities to read for pleasure.
From Reception children are taught to:

Read fluently, and with understanding, a wide range of literature and information texts using phonics as the prime approach, whilst incorporating a wide range of reading strategies.
Developing increasing independence in reading for enjoyment and confidence in expressing preferences and reflecting on what they have read.
Throughout Key Stage One children participate in daily phonics sessions. For this purpose we use the Letters and Sounds phonics programme of study, supplemented with other synthetic phonics resources.
In addition children who are seen to be having difficulties in attaining each phase are given targeted support.

From Reception all children receive regular guided reading sessions.